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Global registry improving stroke care
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  • Worldwide stroke care quality improvement platform
  • Registry for collection of quality and performance indicators
  • Comprehensive analyses, data visualization, and feedback to improve stroke care
  • Evaluation portal for ESO/WSO Angels Awards
  • Portal for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Angels Awards
  • 100% free, grant-based funding
  • GDPR compliant
RES-Q in clinical practice

  • Stroke care data collected using simple, dynamic, web-based forms (no installations)
  • Realtime stroke care quality dashboards to support care improvement
  • Downloadable raw data, aggregated data, and PowerPoint report
  • Dedicated multidisciplinary team working closely with clinicians and hospitals
Success Stories

Czechia to Lead the Way in developing a comprehensive long-term care plan for Stroke Patients
23 March 2023
Long term care of stroke patients is equally important as done in the acute phase. From the RES-Q Global registry, we understand the importance of collecting and using the data on patients with stroke, to identify and implement measures that can improve the quality of care. It is also important to track their progress after discharge, as complications can arise that can significantly reduce the quality of life. To address the long term care, Czech Republic is running a pilot by collecting data on post-stroke follow-up care. The Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine (SRPM) initially set out to measure the incidence of spasticity. To monitor stroke patients in the long-term, the simplest and most achievable parameter is “the number of patients treated with botulinum toxin type A after stroke,” according to Michal Říha, MD., chairman of the SRPM. But this is only the beginning; many more points need to be evaluated, improved, and advanced in order to ensure the highest quality of care for stroke patients. With this pilot project, we aim to pioneer and develop a comprehensive rehabilitation form that will collect data on patient follow-up in the long-term, post discharge.
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